I didn’t think it would work

My best friend was in a car accident one day shortly after private school. The driver of the truck was apparently switching lanes as well as never looked to see if someone was currently in the other lane. My best friend ended up coming away from it with a broken leg as well as she […]

Sterling Heights has great lawyers

Sterling Heights is apparently a well-represented town situated in the state of MI. The town has accrued a population of more than 100,000 people. I hear it’s the seventh largest town in the state of MI. My Dad as well as I moved to Sterling Heights when I was in sixth grade and stayed there […]

We wanted her safe

My sister as well as I sincerely never wanted to put our mother in a nursing home. All of us originally expected to take care of her until she was no longer with us, unluckily, severe dementia made it hard to care for Mom safely at home. My lovely sister as well as I had […]

Motorcycles are death traps

When I was 15, my uncle gave me my first motorcycle. My parents were livid. It was a red as well as red dirt bike with cool handlebars as well as a sweet black seat. I wasn’t old enough to drive the motorcycle legally, however, I took it all over the back roads of town […]

I like the security but not the wait

I graduated from university a few weeks ago in February, although I haven’t started a task due to the virus outbreak. Instead, I have continued to give pizza. I’ve been working each day at the same pizza shop for the past multiple years. I started shortly after getting out of high university as well as […]