How I have improved myself

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I could possibly improve my eating habits. Every time I step on the scale, I’m more concerned than the last. I knew I had to change my ways, or otherwise I would soon not be able to fit through doorways. I hated most salads, or really any healthy foods. […]

Fear of coasters

I felt dread sink in when my sister announced that we were taking a vacation to a rollercoaster park. And by we, she met her and me. I was happy for her, but not so happy myself, but I knew I couldn’t say no, just judging my her face. So I joined her on her […]

I Bought a Dehumidifier

My husband rolled his eyes when I brought it home, because he thought I was being dramatic. After moving into our new apartment, my wife and I quickly realized how humid the air was. It didn’t matter what season we were going through, the air was still thick with moisture. Although this was great for […]

Catch them while you can

If you are trying to catch the attention of people to make them see what you want to show them then you better be fast. By fast I mean that studies have shown that if you don’t grab a person’s attention within the first ten seconds then you have lost a sale. Why do you […]

A good contest

I was bored the other day just bouncing around the internet on a lot of websites having to do with heating as well as A/C, but and I hit this a single website through a clickable live connect that I happened to stumble on, as well as it was to a heating as well as […]