I hate the way it’s freezing cold in the office where I work

I broke the rules last summer and smuggled in one of those little electric space heaters to keep under my desk I am always cold whenever I’m at work. It doesn’t really matter if it’s the middle of the summer when the temperature outside is in the triple digits. The air conditioning is always set […]

Finally the two of us can go locations together in the Winter season

I always had a strenuous time convincing my girlfriend to go with myself and others anywhere in the Winter season, however she definitely hated being out in the freezing weather and said that she couldn’t sit the cold, then even when she was inside with pretty comfortable temperature control settings, she would still be definitely […]

The HVAC trainer gave us a discount when his trainee messed up with our HVAC

When my buddies advocated a certain HVAC corporation to do toil on our HVAC system, I figured that they would be great. Well, the HVAC worker that came through was training a trainee and he let the trainee do a lot of the work. I wasn’t really comfortable with some current guy working on the […]

I violated our partner’s privacy, but at least I l earned what she was so agitated about

This may seem messed up, however I didn’t realize how agitated our partner was with me until I learn her diary. She always told me never to mess with her diary, however I couldn’t help but wonder what she was writing about all of the time. I knew that our partner always got on our […]