My problem was the booze, or so I thought.

Have you ever thought about how many calories are in whiskey? I never thought about it, and let me tell you I drank a lot of whiskey. Otherwise I always was very sensible in what I ate and drank — on water, never soda or juice, and lots of salads. I couldn’t understand why my weight and my blood pressure kept rising, and it turns out the booze was behind it! I had the dumb idea that by cutting down my consumption of alcohol I would lose weight, but the weight didn’t go away. I joined a gym, something I swore I would never do, because I realized I had to get rid of the weight through hard work. Things were very rough to start with, because there was a bar right across the street from the gym. When I was lifting weights in the front room, I could literally look out and see a bar, which was not the kind of motivation I needed! I found another gym, that wasn’t next to a bar, soon after, and started being able to really focus on my workout program. After a few weeks, I felt so much better, physically and mentally, that I decided I could try to drink in moderation and see how it impacted my workout program. I didn;’t want to jeopardize my progress at the gym, but I missed having a beer once in a while, and wanted to balance it with the rest of my lifestyle. What is the point of all this personal training if I can’t kick back with a beer afterward?

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