Enough is enough with constant burglar attacks

Dealing with a break-in at your apartment is spine-chilling, especially when it happens in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping. I’m thankful that my wife was the responsible one to insist on installing a security method with an alarm when we moved into this house. I had never owned an apartment security system, […]

Working out on the forge

My friend Dan has made himself a forging station on his carport. He bought a small forge and had it shipped over from Europe, along with a vast array of metalworking tools. I have to admit the whole thing is really cool, he can take a railroad spike and hammer it out and grind it […]

Meal delivery avoids cooking

I can’t cook an edible meal. I’ve tried to learn how to cook. I’ve watched cooking videos. I’ve read cook books and culinary magazines. Even if I follow a recipe to the word, the food doesn’t taste right. I switch between under-cooking or overcooking everything. I make a mistake with ingredients or measure wrong. I’ve […]