As a long distance truck driver, I sit behind the wheel of my rig for hours on end. Although I get time off, I prefer to stay on the move. I have nothing tying me down at the moment, so I might as well work and make some money while I can. Hopefully once my lifestyle changes, I will have a decent savings built up. Because I sit for such long periods of time, I make it a priority to be active whenever possible. No matter where I stop for a break, I search for a public access gym. I make sure I can get in a workout. If there are no gyms available, I go for a run or find some way to get in some cardio. My biggest problem is that the bigger corporate fitness centers all seem to require a membership. I wouldn’t mind joining a gym with locations that were accessible along my route. However, I am travelling all over the country. I am often in smaller towns where the local gym is family owned. Sometimes I can find a YMCA where I can work out for an hour or so. I am reluctant to invest in a membership with a single company. I don’t want to pay for something that I will be unable to use. Plus, going for a run is free. As long as I pack a pair of decent sneakers, I can manage my workout. I also bring along a set of resistance bands and a jump rope. My priority is to get in a good stretch and elevate my heart rate. Sometimes, I look for hotels that include some kind of a gym. It might offer nothing more than a stationary bike, treadmill and some dumbbells, but that’s enough for me.


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