Before the quarantine disrupted everything, I belonged to a local soccer team.

  • It was casual.

The team didn’t have uniforms or anything. We would meet several days a week to play some pick-up soccer at a local field. I never considered how much I enjoyed this activity until we could no longer do it any more. Now that the covid threat seems to be over with, I was hoping the soccer team would resume playing together. That doesn’t appear to be the case. I really miss it. Playing soccer was the only fun way to workout that I had ever found. Without the opportunity to play soccer, exercise is boring again. I don’t really like going to the gym. I prefer to exercise outdoors, where I can feel the sun and breathe fresh air. I decided to put up some fliers at the local gym. I wanted to see if anyone else was interested in playing soccer. I was surprised when one of the trainers at the gym called about a soccer team he was putting together. It was strictly for gym members. This team is a collection of men and women who meet several times a week to play pick up games. If I was going to get to play, I kind of wanted to give up the gym membership. However, I couldn’t be on the soccer team without the membership. I figured I could take a couple classes or lift some weights once a few. The cost of membership is worth it to be able to play soccer again. I really enjoy this new team and I’m getting a good workout on the field.


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