The purpose of a new training program was plans for a mountain expedition.

A group of friends and I had decided to tackle a several hundred mile hike across the ridge of a nearby mountain range.

We realized this trek would require a number of outdoor skills. We needed to be in peak physical shape. Preparing for all the challenges of this lengthy hike became a priority for me. The trip would combine white water rafting, rock climbing and a great deal of hiking over uneven ground. A high level of physical fitness was a requirement. I focus on a lot of weight lifting in my regular workout routine, because I like the way toned muscles look. Now I needed to alter my focus and training methods. Having extra bulk would not help me on the trip. I started adding more running outdoors as well as on treadmill to increase my stamina through cardio. I signed up for a few yoga classes to increase balance and flexibility. Out on the trail, being limber, balanced and adaptable is more important than lifting-type strength. My training program changed to meet these needs. Once the hike is completed, I will get back into weight lifting. I might continue with yoga, because it gives me a workout in a way I have never targeted. A couple of my buddies have started cross fit in order to prepare for the trip. We are all preparing and training in different ways. We’re all hoping to increase our endurance to get through the demands of the hike without too much fatigue.


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