Soccer is my type of workout

Before the quarantine disrupted everything, I belonged to a local soccer team. It was casual. The team didn’t have uniforms or anything. We would meet several days a week to play some pick-up soccer at a local field. I never considered how much I enjoyed this activity until we could no longer do it any […]

Getting in shape

When I decided to quit smoking, I switched over to nicotine gum. I chewed it non-stop, and it kept me from smoking. However, I then had a new addiction. It was difficult to quit chewing the gum. This led to me working on my overall health. I decided it was time to get into better […]

Hoping to work with athletes

Most people know me as an English teacher at the local community college. I am liked by most of my students and happy with my job. What most people don’t realize is that a few years ago, I was extremely close to heading to the Olympics. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for me because I was […]

Yoga for recovery from accident

My wife was in a car accident several years ago. The accident nearly took her life. She spent several weeks in the hospital and went through life-saving surgeries. After she came home, she spent the next few years in physical therapy. My wife has recovered, although she still has some leftover issues. She often feels […]