If you are going to have a dance for high schoolers you have to install a quality HVAC system.

He heh, and the thought of trying to impress her with my new moves was always on my mind, but the thing I did not realize is that I was starting to sweat like a pig on the dance floor, and not in an attractive way.

As a matter of fact, my body was just not at the right temp —- and I think I knew it, too. It was all a mix of being nervous, at the time, in addition to the internal air conditioning systems not working the way the school principal bought them to. They were failing in many ways, or quite simply, the dance floor instructor had forgotten to turn them on right at that time, when it gets hotter than ever (after lunch period). Either way, due to a heating unit issue, in other words, they turned on the wrong one (the heating instead of the cooling got switched on), I was breaking down. I was hot (and not in a sexy way) ; it was so embarrassing. They had to call in the usual HVAC guy to see why the settings for cooling were actually blasting hot air, and vice versa. A quick mix – up and switch of the boards later, and the problem was fixed. And I was back to dancing without sweating. And that cooling did its job every did forward, that school year.

Quality air conditioner