The fact that I spent the better part of six hours running around town trying to find an air filter is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve posted about.

I know I tend to go on rants sometimes, but this one comes from a real experience.

As you know, my family and I moved into this place about three weeks ago, and it’s been unseasonably cool so far this year .Last weekend that changed and that heat wave that hit us was just blistering. I went to go and turn on the old air conditioner in the place, and the results are sluggish at best. It turns out no one had changed the air filter in almost two years, and it looked like the lint trap in a dryer. When this happens, and the air filter gets so jammed up, then it puts a ton of extra strain on the system, and warms up your house a lot. HVAC is based on air flow and circulation, so a blocked filter restricts that, and so the system keeps on running, harder than ever, and the air is blocked. We were lucky we caught it when we did, because left alone long enough it can badly damage the central HVAC system. It turns out that my system requires a very specific kind of air filter, one that none of the major stores carry. I had to call around to a bunch of different HVAC repair companies to see if anyone had it in stock. Six hours later, we had our air conditioning back!

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