The last general contractor I dealt with was a bad guy, a swindler, and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Now I am not saying all contractors are like that, I’m just saying that experience made me want to never go through it again.

After that I started going on word of mouth, and getting personal recommendations for friends when I needed work done. The results were very mixed, as you might expect, but I really hit a bad string of luck when I asked a friend of a friend to take a look at my air conditioning system. This guy said he had five years experience working with HVAC systems, and gave my system a thorough inspection. He claimed that I was on the verge of having some major air conditioning problems, but that we were lucky enough to catch it in time. I should have known he was conning me, he sounded a lot like the previous HVAC contractor who had swindled me, but I trusted him and paid him for the work. Of course he never came back, so now I’m out the money and my air conditioning still sucks, so it is the worst of both worlds. I will have to call in another HVAC company and hope for better luck, I guess, because I can’t fix it myself. Do you know any trustworthy independent HVAC techs or companies that do house calls, because I need to find someone I can rely on. Hit me up in the comments with your HVAC recommendations!


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