I owe my continued success to the wisdom of others.

I give myself credit for surrounding myself with smart people, and knowing who to trust, but most of the heavy thinking was done by my partners, or my manager.

When I was a musician, my manager handled all of the paperwork and looked out for my future like I asked him to. He invested my money wisely, and when the time came to step off stage for good, I had several options. One of those options was the HVAC company that was run by my son, in which I was a silent investing partner. It was his shop, he was the heating and cooling boss, my manager just gave him seed money to get going, so I owned a part of the shop, too. He didn’t want me to help out with the work, so I decided to help by promoting the HVAC business in the local area. My name still had a little weight to it with the locals, who looked up to me, so I started using that weight to get us some fresh HVAC customers. I even recorded a jingle about air conditioners to play for their radio and TV commercials, and it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. In two years time we will be opening a second location in another town, and now I don’t have to worry about retirement because HVAC will keep me busy. It will also keep me getting paid! I doubt the air conditioner song will ever hit the Top 10, though.


HVAC technician