I have had many kinds of experiences in which I simply broke down and could not take it any longer being inside my home, and these were from the pre – Covid days, I might add.

I was a kid on a very boring summer, and this summer would repeat itself many times.

My parents were always out at work, and they could not afford a baby – sitter for me and my troublesome brothers, at the time. So we stayed at home all summer, each summer, and made our own fun, so to speak. But, on the other hand, the only AC system we had for the whole home, was breaking down. It was only a matter of time before we were all left to sweat like pigs, at the mercy of indoor heat, in the summer months. And we were not, by our parents’ instructions, allowed to go outside for more than an hour per day (it was sort of a dangerous neighborhood, all in all). I wished, at the time, that they would invent digital cooling systems, something like what we now today call a smart thermostat, which is basically like a thermostat that connects to WIFI and can be controlled with your smartphone from anywhere, as you might already know or have heard of these, possibly). A smart thermostat, if it’s the right one, can even control both your cooling and your heating problems, from the click of a button or screen. And the best part is this : It can self – diagnose many of its own issues.

Ductless multi split