I started finally working in a men’s salon a few months ago.

Wee are located in the mall plus the prices for the services are higher than the usual average.

The people I was with and I still remain tied up all day plus most of the evening. Last weekend, I was finally working the late shift. It wasn’t recognizably tied up when a young guy came in for a boiling towel shave plus a haircut. I was up next plus the guy came to kneel in the chair. I talked to the guy about his haircut plus both of us spoke for a few hours. I took him over to the sink to clean his hair. When both of us came back to the chair, I decided to shave his face first. I heated up the towel plus covered his beard plus mustache with shaving cream. I used a straight razor to carefully remove all of the hair from his face. The guy was honestly still while I was using the razor. After the boiling towel shave, I got out the clippers plus started to trim his neck plus sideburns. He was fidgeting in the seat plus I told him to be still. Suddenly, the guy jumps up plus moves. The clippers were in our hand at the time. I accidentally cut off numerous inches of hair from the back of his head. It was definitely bad, but it was not our fault. The guy started yelling plus screaming. I told him to be still plus it was not our fault that he decided to move. The people I was with and I had to completely shave his head to make the cut look good.


Hair stylist