My wifey plus I were on our way back to our home from an event one night, when our car started to smoke plus sputter.

It was a long time before cell phones were invented, then all of us were stranded in the middle of nowhere plus I had to walk about four miles to get to the closest phone. I called a tow service, but they would only take us to the closest town.

All of us were still about fifty miles away from our current home when the car broke down. All of us were forced to spend the night in a honestly bad hotel! The room smelled like cigarettes plus vomit. The carpet had stains all over the floor plus the water glasses were very dirty. I did not want to stay overnight in the seedy hotel, but it was the only place in the whole town. It was right across the street from the car mechanic, so I could keep an eye on my car all night. At least the AC in the hotel worked well. It looked a lot newer than the rest of the items in the hotel room. The AC was ice cold plus the vents looked clean. The tv plus the bed were bolted to the floor like it would be easy to sneak out of the room with an entire queen size bed in your suitcase! My wife slept for a couple of hours with the AC running on high. I watched the car in the lot across the street; when she woke up, I slept for a couple of hours, however both of us managed to get a few hours of rest plus the mechanic fixed the car the very next morning.

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