What’s funny is that when I say I am going to update my kitchen, every man has a big opinion.

They like to tell me how much counter space I should use, where the dishwasher goes and if I need upper cabinets.

None of the men that talk to me actually cook though. I don’t take their advice at all. One thing they have all been against is adding heated flooring to the kitchen. They all believe the kitchen gets too hot with the stove running. Getting that heated system would be pointless. Also, buying heated flooring adds money onto the project. All the men I talked to want me to remodel my kitchen in the cheapest possible way. My husband suggested reusing the same cabinets the house came with. What is the point of remodeling and putting the same cabinets back in? I am going to do it my way. I want more counter space around the stove. I want to eliminate the pantry and add a coffee car and microwave. I also want new tile floors but before those are laid, I am getting heated flooring. I looked up the electric heated mats, they are reasonably priced. The radiant floor heating can be installed by the homeowner to save some money. It is energy efficient and a silent system. I also would like more heating in the kitchen for the wintertime. The tile floors get cold and hurt my feet. Just because the stove is on doesn’t mean the entire kitchen is warm.
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