Even as a kid, I was a procrastinator.

It didn’t matter what I was asked to do, I would put it off as long as I could without getting into trouble.

I knew when I became an adult that it had been a habit I needed to break. Even though I was aware of this, I still kept putting off finding a cure for my indoor air quality. I knew that our air quality was lacking, but I seemed to always find something else to do. Once my wife began complaining about the air quality, I knew I had to do something. I thought that all I needed was to have the HVAC system maintenance done. I called the local HvAC company. I knew that the HVAC company would have some kind of equipment that would help to cure my air quality problem. When I was talking to the HVAC technician, he told me that he quite a few things that would help with the air quality. Most of the choices I had, depended on how much money I wanted to spend. He said it could be something as simple as a change in air filters, or I could want an air purification system with a UV light. I asked if he would come to my home so we could discuss the options and their cost. I liked the idea of just changing an air filter to get rid of my problem, but I also knew my wife would want the air purification system along with the humidifier. I have a feeling the cost for good air quality was going to be higher than I was originally thinking it would be.

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