Run out of ideas for a housewarming gift, get well soon pick me up, congratulations on the new addition to your life, even just congrats on your work promo or thank you to a real estate client? Give your HVAC secret away and talk to your provider about a pre paid service as a gift to others in your life. Think of the time, energy and possibly forgotten about service the recipients experience already. The annual recommended use of an HVAC provides service to any furnace or cooling device is twice a year. So think of the good you’ll be doing if someone on your gift list suffers with allergies, is a new parent, too busy with extra work or has just moved into their own home. A gift certificate from an HVAC provider also makes a great fundraising service for sports teams, team raffles and health related marathons. Anything healthy is the overall concern of a qualified HVAC service provider. Another way to continue a great working relationship with your HVAC provider is to have them service your RV or mobile home. The duct work alone in an RV is super condensed and structured in such a way as to get optimum performance from minimal space and a lot of RV service bays are just far too busy during the summer to guarantee immediate service. One off-kilter system will shut down a road trip for upwards of a month…and longer. HVAC sensory driven thermostats, fans for air conditioning, even propane vents and RV clothes dryers; plus wear and tear of adding literal miles to the serviceable parts and structural integrity demands excellent HVAC service and upkeep.If you trust your HVAC provider with your stationary home, consider taking them along on vacation with you. Ask for recommended services along your journey. Or if you use a chain company, pre book out your service dates. They’ll get you on the road again…and keep you there.

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