If I had a dime for each time I got lucky without having to shell out for replacing a major appliance, part, car repair or medical emergency, I would be under a rainbow with four leaf clovers all around me and I would have saved enough dimes to pay for a new furnace installation without a problem.

It happens…eventually repairs just won’t cut it and you have to face reality.

Your HVAC service provider doesn’t want to leave you out in the cold either. To provide you with the best option for the space of your home, your energy source and home heating company, insurance coverage, estimates should be offered no fee. Especially if the HVAC company is already your dedicated provider. Don’t get lured away by competitors who offer a better price for your steady business. You’ll be bound to be disappointed with a major heating or air conditioning service performed by the Unknowns because they KNOW you aren’t familiar with all of their shoddy workmanship. Then the real nightmare begins. Within 30 or 60 days, the new furnace starts wheezing and bellowing again. Your duct work is rattling and the thermostat doesn’t give an accurate readout. The HVAC service you got roped into is suddenly too busy to service their work and they recommend you try elsewhere. Now you’re weighed down with two finance charges when had you just stayed with your own HVAC provider, a zero down, fair monthly payment plan would have been negotiated with YOUR input, schedule and by importance first if stretching out the new installation. Using only factory built BRAND NEW parts, your HVAC technician owes their career to your safety and comfort. They might seem insignificant, but when you need them when the chips are down, they’ll be there for you. Not your wallet.



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