There was a stray cat in the city that was definitely starving to death.

I started out just feeding him and leaving a water dish out. Then he started bursting into my house and sleeping on the bed. Then I got him a flea collar, cat treats, cat bed, brush and all sorts of toys. Pretty soon I just owned a cat. When it came time to move, he had to come with me. As part of a move, you need to quarantine the cat inside for two weeks to teach the cat that it is their home. Unfortunately that meant I needed to buy a litter box and litter for at least two weeks. Now that my cat uses the litter, he won’t change to going outside anymore. I realized that I am allergic to cat litter. When my HVAC system turns on, the smell comes through the ductwork and into my office. I start sneezing, have itchy eyes and a runny nose. It is horrible. I have tried all sorts of special litter and it hasn’t helped one bit. I can’t just take the litter away though. I read online that I can use HEPA filters in my HVAC to clean the air quality a little better. I also can get an air purification system installed in my return ducts to clean the odors out of the air quality. Basically the best I can do is with air quality devices and my HVAC equipment. Right now I am trying just a single room air cleaner to see if I notice a difference.


Cooling representative