The power of education

Education is a toolbox, and all the things you learn are the tools you fill it with. When you approach education in this manner, with a clear plan and an end goal, then it can be the most helpful thing in the world. The problem is that most people don’t know what they want to […]

An HVAC investment pays off

I owe my continued success to the wisdom of others. I give myself credit for surrounding myself with smart people, and knowing who to trust, but most of the heavy thinking was done by my partners, or my manager. When I was a musician, my manager handled all of the paperwork and looked out for […]

I take care of the mountain

Just because I am a hermit as well as live entirely alone on the side of a mountain doesn’t mean I hate people. I don’t appreciate people in my space, true, but in general I appreciate people, it’s just that I can certainly live without them in my face. That said, if I know someone […]