Robot Overlord Needs to Go Away

I can’t program the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C settings to get reduced energy bills or control my indoor air temperature I have a lot of concerns about the AI technology that people insist on creating these days. As a modern person in the US, of course I prefer modern amenities. I have smartphones plus smart […]

Who knew this was fate

One morning I decided to go have my luck determined for me and it was a very interesting experience. First of all, the building I attended was entirely well organized, it had charming decor and it even had a fireplace. It was not really a fireplace, a single of those faux fireplaces, but it was […]

We want them to mingle

Working at the nursing apartment has been a highly interesting experience, however I love the people at the facility, staff and patients alike. One massive thing that has been hard for us is getting patients happy to interact with other patients in our care. It can be a lonely place occasionally living in a nursing […]

Not what I had in mind

I definitely remember the first date that my amazing spouse and I had. Every one of us went out to this very extravagant eating establishment. At the time, I was just trying to impress her, but it wasn’t going so well when the place felt way too cold and they wouldn’t adjust the temperature control […]

The AC is a point of contention

My brother always would get into a lot of unpleasant fights with his spouse. I was always used to hearing them argue whenever I would try to go over to visit. This was a single of the main reasons why I wouldn’t personally stay over to visit for very long. I didn’t want to wear […]

She tattled on him

One morning when my brother was coming over to visit with his youngsters, both of us had a pretty nice time. Then when my brother was in the bathroom, my niece started joyously telling me how amazing the air quality was in my house. She said it felt really great to be able to breathe […]

I didn’t need to do any of it

The morning after a recent blizzard, I was worried about the kids getting out. I had to go outside extra early to get shoveling snow. After I was done shoveling the walkway, I decided to get out the massive snowblower because the snow was pretty deep. I clearly should have used the snowblower for the […]