Moving writing to the internet

I don’t know jack about coding, I focus only on content creation. I am a writer, one who used to work for a newspaper however then had to adapt when the entire newspaper industry went belly up. If websites were the new way to transfer information and entertainment, after that I needed to start writing […]

Voice is Improved with Better Air Quality at Practice and at Venues

It’s crazy because I never thought a Thanksgiving celebration would change things for our band. It was really our singer who was saying that the two of us should all go to this Thanksgiving party he was invited to. He said it was going to be a great time however not everybody in our band […]

It’s Good to Have Goals

I was having a serious conversation with my spouse recently about the top things that the two of us wanted that we didn’t have. I don’t even know what made us believe this, however it turned out to be rather mind blowing, my spouse said that he wanted to have a nice automobile with a […]

Looking into a smart thermostat

I’ve been looking into the different makes and models of smart thermostats on the current market. The thermostat in my home was installed when we moved in. We’ve lived there for around fifteen years. We have been getting by with a plastic dial that requires manual adjustment. The thermostat serves one function and isn’t overly […]

Installing a ductless air conditioner because of hot flashes

I started experiencing menopause symptoms when I turned 53 years old. I’ve been dealing with insomnia and hot flashes for the last three years. It’s extremely aggravating. Without any warning, I will suddenly feel extremely overheated. I go from a comfortable temperature to flushed cheeks and dripping sweat within seconds. The hot flashes don’t usually […]