Dog always climbs into bed when it’s too frigid at night

Unluckyly, since I adopted a particularly frigid bloodhound dog a few months ago my normal nighttime temperature preferences have become a bigger issue I can agree that I am not the most energetically responsible woman on the planet. I have many faults as a human being, & they included being a bit wasteful in my […]

Ex has been messing with temperature control settings to torture me

There are times when I wonder if I am particularly attuned to attracting Psychopaths into my life. I know, this all sounds a wee bit dramatic from the outside. However, you need to understand what a truly disastrous dating history I have had in my past. To be legitimate with you, I have honestly never […]

Husband simply takes away Heating & Air Conditioning when I need to come upstairs

Marriage is such a funny thing. I’m not sure that it is honestly functional in this week’s current day and age with all of our most current Technologies & current ways of meeting new people. It seems as if there are always numerous temptations & problems in people’s loving lives for a prolonged commitment to […]

Expert Heating & Air Conditioning tech switches to commercial

The toughest part of owning your own corporation is finding great help. I think that plenty of small corporation owners would convince you that securing responsible and trustworthy employees is a super tough aspect of the game. You never recognize when someone is going to let you down, steal from you, or simply stop showing […]

Can’t handle the closest grocery store, no heat

Sometimes my darling wife makes fun of me for how rough I make things. She simply doesn’t understand how I can overcomplicate situations that she finds so easy to navigate. Personally, I believe that she is just far too easy going to understand a lot of my quirks. For instance, she has consistently poked at […]

Bought car in the summer, turns out it doesn’t have heat in the winter

Sometimes you need to be extra careful about the context of your decision-making. I have realized this the tough way so many times over the course of my life. For instance, sporadically it seems like a great idea to jump into a potentially good solution before you have fully considered all of the other options. […]

Friend is consistently one-upping me; furnace versus radiant floors

Sometimes I wonder if there is such a thing as a genuine friendship. I have had so numerous ladies and friends in my lifetime who turned around & stabbed me in the back as soon as they got a chance. It feels to me like most ladies are never honestly out to support each other […]

Dad is totally obsessed with eastern medicine, dad Heating & Air Conditioning

Sometimes I believe there’s no one on this earth that I can rely on, then i do everything I can to support other humans although I don’t believe there are support systems for me. Even whenever I try to contact my friends & family, I wind up with my head spinning rather than a new […]