I actually got into an interesting debate with this guy on my social media.

He was saying that there should be a law that mandates everybody to buy UV air purifiers and UV air purification systems. I had to admit that it was a good idea for people to invest in these types of HVAC components, but you can’t just force people to buy stuff. Holding onto our freedoms is a very important thing, but this guy didn’t seem to understand that. Sure, you should tell people they should invest in these things, but what about those people who are not able to afford these HVAC products. Should they go to jail just because they can’t afford to buy something that was mandated? That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. This is all in the name of safety, but what about people losing their jobs and people who are struggling to even feed their families. We can’t just go along with losing our freedoms, and I hope that people wake up and realize that. Eventually, we won’t have any freedoms left if we keep heading this route. The craziest thing in my mind is that people are basically demanding that we give up our freedoms in the name of safety and for the greater good. I personally am not okay with that. Don’t get me wrong, I think people should do what they can to be as safe as possible, but that’s where you draw the line. No forcing people to do these things, let them do what they can.



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