Being an author, I am always trying to figure out what will come next in my books. I sit down with ideas of who the characters are, what their personalities will be like, and what their past may have been. I need to know who these people are even before I put their words onto paper. Often, my mind is thinking so much about their past that my mind types faster than my fingers can type. I was so into a chapter of my last book, that I didn’t realize what time it was. My husband told me supper was ready, but I couldn’t stop. It wasn’t until I felt a chill in the air that I realized something was wrong. I went out to talk to my husband, and I heard him talking to someone. I realized that I had been working all night long. My husband was talking to a man in a uniform. I walked out into the living room, tightly wrapped in a sweater. He put his arm around me and told me that the furnace was broken. The man he was talking to was the HVAC technician who worked on the furnace. I couldn’t believe I had been so caught up in my writing that I lost almost twelve hours. The HVAC tech was in the basement for almost an hour before he came upstairs with a decision. He told us they could repair the furnace, but we needed to purchase a new one. My husband smiled and told me I needed to finish the book because this furnace was on me. I looked at him for a second before he started laughing.

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