The HVAC trainer gave us a discount when his trainee messed up with our HVAC

When my buddies recommended a certain HVAC company to do work on our HVAC system, I figured that they would be great. Well, the HVAC technician that came through was training a trainee and he let the trainee do a lot of the work. I wasn’t really comfortable with some new guy working on the […]

I was so happy that I got a couple of UV air purifiers on sale

When I was cruising the mall the other day with some friends, I saw a display of some UV air purifiers that were on sale. I had heard about UV air purifiers and thought they would be entirely expensive. I couldn’t believe the price these UV air purifiers were though. I decided to buy two […]

Finally we can go places together in the winter season

I always had a hard time convincing my girlfriend to go with me anywhere in the winter season. She really hated being out in the cold weather and said that she couldn’t stand the cold. Even when she was inside with pretty comfortable temperature control settings, she would still be really cold. I didn’t know […]

I violated my wife’s privacy, but at least I learned what she was so angry about

When she came into the room and saw me reading her diary, my face went bright red This may seem messed up, but I didn’t realize how angry my wife was with me until I read her diary. She always told me never to mess with her diary, but I couldn’t help but wonder what […]

Better late than never

I was so thankful when we finally got into the reopening stages after the lockdown. I hadn’t been able to visit with my family and friends, and it was nice that restaurants in our community were finally opening again. Given, they were opening at 50% capacity, but still we were able to go and eat […]

My cousin was so pleased with the gift I got her for her baby shower

When I learned my cousin was having a baby, I was really happy when I was invited to the baby shower. I actually thought of a really great gift to give to my cousin. I knew that the baby’s health would be of the utmost importance, and I figured that my cousin could use improved […]