After countless years of slowly improving, I have become meticulous with home repair, cleaning, and giving everything I own more TLC.

Before I found an old piano in the attic and decided to bring it back to working order, you’d be hard pressed to find our cabin cleaned and tidied if you stopped by randomly.

I was hard on all of our appliances, often overloading the washing machine and throwing it off balance. My oven was dirty and covered head to toe with charred bread crumbs on the bottom below the electric heating elements. It all changed when I dug out this old upright piano that must have been there from the previous owner, despite the fact that they never mentioned it when I bought the house. Refurbishing it and getting it to play in-tune again was a lengthy however rewarding process. It gave me a renewed sense of responsibility for our cabin along with just about everything in it. I started doing as many repair tasks that I could, between cleaning off and power washing our roof, reorganizing our kitchen, and planting a new garden out back to name a couple. I also took it upon myself to replace the old and worn weatherstripping in our door and window frames. Weatherstripping is important because it prevents air conditioned air from escaping while simultaneously preventing warm outdoor air from leaking in. Without it your air conditioning will run harder and for longer periods of time than what is necessary. This not only helps boost your overall energy bills, it also shortens the life of the air conditioning. Once I had new weatherstripping installed, I already was able to see a massive difference with cooling system performance.


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