I’m glad that I chose to move into an apartment that is only a five minute drive from my parents’ house.

They’re both getting old and need help more than ever.

And since all of my siblings live over one thousand miles away from our city, I am the only person my parents can consistently rely on. I started by simply helping them with simple home maintenance like painting, changing light bulbs, cleaning floors, and swapping out the air conditioner filters. Their air conditioner is located inside their attic and it isn’t easy to access. If you want to change the filter you have to go into the attic and access the air handler. Since they both have severe sinus and respiratory allergies, I change their air conditioner filters once a month. We have a great heating and cooling contractor that helps us with everything else. I pay them to add more coolant to my parents’ system, as well as any a/c tune-ups. I like to have them calibrate the system at least once a year. They’re also helpful with maintaining my parents’ old heating system. Instead of having a fan-forced furnace that connects to the ventilation system in the attic, they have a propane boiler in their basement. Although boilers are still a popular indoor heating device, their particular boiler is over 40 years old. Some of the parts needed to repair these old machines are hard to come by. Many modern HVAC techs don’t even know how to fix them if they have yet to come into contact with one while working on homes and businesses. If we run into issues with the propane boiler, I don’t hesitate to call our heating and cooling contractor for help.



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