When I made the decision to book a soundstage, I did some research to make sure I didn’t waste my money. A soundstage isn’t simply an indoor space to film, then it’s purpose and function is a bit more complex than that. A soundstage is designed to fulfill really particular requirements… They are soundproofed so that audio and dialogue are captured cleanly and without concerns of exterior noise pollution, however while soundstages are available in unusual sizes, the space needs to be crucial enough to accommodate the necessary equipment, crew and talent. The higher end sounstages offer lighting options, whether filters or pre-lit lighting grids or even LED walls; Because a fantastic deal of device requires power, a soundstage needs to be constructed with plenty of electrical outlets and video feet wiring for straight-forward accessibility to gaffers. Before choosing a soundstage, I checked that the dimensions of the stage, plus the overall layout of the facility, was adequate. I looked for a site to rent that also included fantastic sound acoustics, reserved parking, adequate crew accommodations and at least the basic talent amenities. Another consideration was the minimum booking rate and what that rate included. Insurance was a concern, and I was hoping for a studio that covers their clients. In my local city, it is mandatory to have a location permit in order to film pleased in a public area, some studios are permitted for production, which would include my project and solve that problem! Plus, a permitted soundstage has proven that it meets local codes for safety. It took quite a bit of research and a few PC calls, although I finally managed to find the ideal soundstage to rent.

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