My family has lived in this lake house for four proud generations now.

We never needed air conditioning until recently around the property.

Back in the day, my relatives just used a wood burning stove for heat. If it was hot, they would simply open the windows plus the doors for circulation. As time progressed, a boiler was moved in plus a ceiling fan was added to the room. Eventually, the boiler was updated to a central furnace but still, the old lake house had no air conditioning. It simply did not need it. But recently, that fact has changed. The rapidly adjusting temperatures have been well into the 100s for over a month now plus I’m dying out here. I’m not used to heat such as this. I finally broke down plus decided to go to the nearest house improvement store plus get a window air conditioning unit. I guess literally everybody else had the same idea because they were completely sold out of every type of window cooling system. I had to order an all new cooling system online plus then wait for it. Almost a month later, it was actually still over 90 degrees outside plus the window cooling system arrived…. broken. I guess the delivery company must have thrown it around the car a bit. Now I’m looking into having central air conditioning installed professionally alongside the furnace. I guess that will be legitimately high-priced to get AC even though I cannot take this heat much longer. I know it would be more comfortable but less aesthetically pleasing.

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