I watch all kinds of animals on a regular basis in my pet resting business, and just the other day had a cat, several dogs, a hamster, plus a teacup pig in my house. if I’m not careful, my lake house can get pretty smelly pretty fast. I keep all of the cages cleaned but no matter what I try and do, my lake house smells more like a barnyard at times. While looking up what to do about it, I came across a really great heating and A/C website. They suggest using carbon pre-filters in your central Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system to help with smells. These important filters are thin plus you put them in front of your usual heating or cooling system filter that most people use. They are made mostly of carbon plus the carbon gets rid of the nastiest smells. Additionally, you can update these carbon filters literally as often as you would care to, and without creating much of a garbage footprint. The heating and A/C website even had a great coupon to get 20% off if you order these pre-filters from them. Of course, to get the deal you have to sign up to have the filters delivered every month. I found the carbon pre-filters to be rather interesting. They filter the air for your whole lake house plus keep it smell plus gross debris free. I’m going to see if these improve my barnyard indoor air. I like seeing animals even though I don’t want my lake house to smell the same as these animals.

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