I decided to get my cat professionally neutered plus I was surprised at the cost for such a routine procedure.

Still, I wanted to be a responsible pet owner so I started looking all around. That’s when I found a locale that does the necessary surgery for less than $80. It took a long time to get through to the vet’s office plus when I was finally able to schedule a real appointment for summer. I wanted something earlier but that was the earliest that they apparently had. I booked the appointment plus then waited for the massively important day of the surgery. When the day finally arrived, I started questioning the idea of using such a cheap veterinarian. As soon as I walked into the waiting room I noticed precisely how hot it was plus that it stunk pretty bad. I waited over an hour and a half past my appointment time plus the people I was with and I clearly still had not been taken into a room. The whole time, the waiting room where we sat just got hotter plus more uncomfortable. I could tell the hot air was coming from the HVAC duct but it was not nice, refreshing air at all. I waited another few moments before I decided to leave. I simply could not take the disgusting heat any longer plus I distraught about leaving my cat to perish in such conditions. When I found a new vet, I felt a lot better about it as soon as I walked into their office that day plus felt the cooling system blasting away.

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