Moving from the northeast to the southeast completely changed our view of heating & cooling.

When I lived in the midwest, the summers were not miserably hot, despite the fact that I definitely found winters to be miserably cold. I utilized many methods of heating the house, including both a gas fireplace & HVAC unit, then yearly, I would ensure our HVAC component was diagnosed & cleaned to get the most out of our unit. The worst case scenario would be to wake up one cold morning & discover sadly that you had no heating in your house. I found as well that our HVAC component heated much better than our gas fireplace, so it was vital that our HVAC component be top-notch. In the midwest, I focused much more on ensuring everything with our heating was modern and efficiently working, because I did not see being boiling as much of an issue as being cold. Heating was much more vital to sustaining life when you have mornings that are below-zero. When I packed up my belongings in my old kit bag and headed into life as a southerner, much of our view of heating & cooling got turned on its head. I had no idea that I would be seeking out air conditioning & cooling solutions while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I remember baking a pie & the air conditioning being in disrepair. For the first time in our life, I was burning up on Thanksgiving. Luckily, our landlord located a worker on short notice, but this definitely gave me a chuckle. I knew I did not want this to happen at our personal residence, so I began getting my air conditioning component diagnosed & cleaned each year.