When the people I was with and I originally allowed my mother-in-law to transport her stuff in with us, I did not guess it would be a big problem… You see, at first the people I was with and I weren’t moving her right into the lake house with us, so it seemed like we would have privacy.

We were legitimately moving her into a studio apartment that is tucked under our house.

It has its own little setup plus even its own door to utilize so I thought it would work out perfectly. She would be close enough to both of us so that my partner plus I could keep an eye on her and worry less, however she would not be in the lake house all the time. I laugh a whole lot at that assumption now. My mother-in-law is always coming into my lake house in order to go and adjust the temperature control. At least that is why she claims she’s coming up the old stairs anyway. Her little studio apartment shares Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C HVAC ductwork with the main house. So her locale is constantly set to the same temperature that our lake house is. This is not working out. She always comes up at least dozen times a day to adjust the oil furnace or cooling system, sometimes both. She’s too hot then she’s too cold. Oh, it’s never right, no matter the HVAC settings. My partner has been talking about getting zone control for the whole entire house. That way his mom can set her own temperature control every day plus be comfortable. I know the temperature control is just a convenient excuse for her to come up plus see what we’re up to. I’d hate to pay to install the zone control if it ends up not working.


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