My good pal who is our buddy was throwing a sizable gathering and did not want to spend the currency to hire a DJ, she knew that I used to be a DJ, so she asked myself and others for advice on where she could get some quality audio component to have an auto playlist of rock n roll going.

She wanted the audio component to be of professional quality that a DJ would use, then and she busy to myself and others all about her price range as well, then i knew exactly where to send him to get the complete best audio component for rent. I told him that renting the audio component would be much more cost effective than having to buy the audio equipment. After all, it was going to be a one time only kind of thing. She was not going to be using this high grade professional audio component ever again; So if she spend currency to buy the kind of audio component I was suggesting to him, she would be blowing a small fortune. She understood this when I explained it to him. She did not want to have a bunch of high priced professional audio component sitting around her garage or house. She most likely wouldn’t even be able to sell the audio component on ebay because of how high end the stuff she was needing was. I unquestionably knew someone at this one DJ component store to get him all set up. And because she knew me, she would even get a discount of the audio component rental. It all worked out good for him and her gathering was a success!

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