Moving to South Means Using A/C on Thanksgiving

Moving from the northeast to the southeast completely changed our view of heating & cooling. When I lived in the midwest, the summers were not miserably hot, despite the fact that I definitely found winters to be miserably cold. I utilized many methods of heating the house, including both a gas fireplace & HVAC unit, […]

My cat matters more than money

I decided to get my cat professionally neutered plus I was surprised at the cost for such a routine procedure. Still, I wanted to be a responsible pet owner so I started looking all around. That’s when I found a locale that does the necessary surgery for less than $80. It took a long time […]

We want to make this baby last

My family has lived in this lake house for four proud generations now. We never needed air conditioning until recently around the property. Back in the day, my relatives just used a wood burning stove for heat. If it was hot, they would simply open the windows plus the doors for circulation. As time progressed, […]

We try to help the world when we can

I’m legitimately aware that the world is not mine to break; it belongs to the next generation. I guess that I cannot actively do much about all of the carbon coming out of the factories even though it’s obvious that I can control my own actions. That’s why I’m careful about exactly the kind of […]