I’m a fanatic for my job.

Some people would assume I’m a workaholic, but I don’t see it that way. If I really enjoy my job! I spend most of my time at the office succeeding over the daily tasks. When my A/C system stopped working a week ago, it threw a wrench in my errands. As soon as I noticed my AC system turned off, I contacted the local HVAC shop and tried to schedule a meeting. Apparently, it’s difficult for getting an appointment on weekends, because that’s when most clientele has off. They were book solid to the next Saturday’s to come! They only had several weekdays open during the following week. I made the appointment in addition to letting my boss know that I’d be finishing online work on that day. She was suspended that I’d even take a day off from the office. She insisted that I not work at all on that day, just so I can focus on getting my air conditioning system fixed. On the day of my HVAC appointment, I didn’t know what to with myself! Waiting around for the HVAC professional to arrive took a while. I watched him as he did his job. It felt uncomfortable staying at work on a weekday, as I’m watching someone else work. The professional had my cooling system functioning within no time. He told me that I would have to maintain with replacements for my air filters and having the AC system serviced every few months. I’m thinking about making my check in appointment now, so I don’t ought to skip out on work again.


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