I need my job.

  • Some people will say that I’m a workaholic, but I don’t view it that way.

Either way, I spend much time at my workplace conquering daily responsibilities. When my A/C stopped working a while back, it messed up my itinerary for the day. As soon as I noticed my cooling system shutting down, I contacted the local HVAC store and attempted to schedule a meeting. Apparently, it’s difficult to get an appointment on the weekends, because that’s when everybody else has off. They were booked for the next six Saturdays! They only had some random weekdays open during the next week. I made the appointment in addition to notifying my supervisor that I’d be working at home. She was shocked that I even considered taking a day away from the office. She insisted I not work at all upon that day, just so I should have focus on getting my A/C fixed. On the day involving my HVAC appointment, I didn’t know what to do with myself! I waited around for the HVAC professional to arrive, thereafter watched him as he managed his job. It felt weird not coming to work on a weekday, as watching someone else work. The professional had my cooling system launched and established in a short time. He told me that I must replace air filters and have my A/C system serviced every six months. I should make my check in appointment now, so I don’t need to skip out on work just as before.


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