It feels very much as though I might have missed out a bit in life by not pursuing a more normal family trajectory.

My sweet wife and I met in grad school.

One of the immense attractions for both of us from the get-go was how focused and driven the two of us were in our feelings about our prospective careers. All of us went at those careers hard for over a decade before the two of us realized that the two of us were suddenly in our forties. Then, we thought it might be best to have a life without children. After much discussion and consideration of the idea, the two of us chose to be a family together with our pets. That means, the two of us have been able to be truly free to travel a good deal. The first main mode of trave was commercial flight. But, it grew old with all the hassle involved. Frankly, I just hate the Heating and A/C in airports and inside the stupid plane itself. I can never be comfortable. One is far too hot while I feel like the other is far too cold. So now, the two of us primarily just come together and travel by our small SUV. I always think the a/c and the oil furnace located in the vehicle will be comfortable. However, Heating and A/C power takes precedence when the two of us stop along the ride for the evening. Both our wife and I choose our lodging based largely on a unique type of Heating and A/C method. All of us decided we really like those immense wall units you can see from outside. They are so cool. Plus, they are always clean and reasonably priced for travelers. It’s sort of interesting to me how much of a career Heating and A/C plays in our travels.

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