You know, I have been silently dreading this, but, it has really happened and I need to do what I need to do.

The Heating and A/C tech that I hired told me a couple of years ago that our heating and cooling component was clearly starting to fail.

The Heating and A/C had 20 years on it at that point. The system that it was going to give out at some point was not any surprise given how long it had been heating and cooling our home and how intensively. But, I sure could have done more to be a bit more prepared than I am right now. I am faced with a very dead Heating and A/C unit at my home. The home was humid and hot first thing this afternoon. I originally thought maybe someone left a window open. However, soon I knew that the Heating and A/C component was done. I picked up my phone and called the Heating and A/C people who sent out an Heating and A/C specialist who quickly confirmed what I already knew. Another Heating and A/C supplier showed up an hour later to go over our new options. Man, was that guy a godsend. He came right in the home with a “we got this” attitude that was totally relaxed and infectious. The drama of the situation just seemed to melt away after that due to this guy’s professionalism and expertise. The two of us found an Heating and A/C that would be great for our needs. The Heating and A/C supplier made the financial terms easy to accept, then went to his truck and brought in many highly rated portable a/cs for free. All of us could use these to stay comfortable for a week until the up-to-date Heating and A/C was installed.
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