Winters have come to end for me.

No, I’m not dying even though I am forever through with going through a single long, chilly Winter after another.

I won’t be putting myself through any more sub zero thermostat readings. I walked all the snow removal component over to the teenagers down the avenue. They are young as well as just starting out. Now, they have all the snow stuff they will require. I sure don’t need it so somebody should have it. I also done to being so dependent on the furnace. This was our HVAC heating method. While absolutely working, the HVAC furnace was also quite extravagant as well as both of us wrote big checks during the Winter weeks to keep it going. Again, that is out of my life forever now that both of us are relocating to the South. Retirement absolutely happened, against great odds, so both of us are relocating because of the good weather. It is, after all, our last chapter in life. So, why not enjoy the weather? The current house is in a section where the Winter is super mild. There is no furnace required anymore. Our heating as well as cooling proposal is now packaged in a single HVAC system. The southern house comes with a new, state of the art heat pump. Like I said, the winters in the south are so mild that both of us don’t have to rely to heavily on a furnace. The house’s heat pump also will be heating our hot tub with the excess energy from heating the house. I am happy about that. Imagine, resting outside under the stars in a hot tub heated by the HVAC proposal while Christmas music sings its way to us through the radio. It’s the deal I have been wanting for my entire life.

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