As the head of a household, I am always keeping an unblinking eye on our household budget and expenses.

My parents worked hard and their household budget reflected that difficult effort.

Times are a bit unusual now. My wife and I both go to task well over 50 hours a week but, our household budget generally hasn’t grown along with rising costs. This is why the two of us sincerely are really trying to be careful about paying attention to that budget. With a large, growing family, the two of us do our best to save cash anywhere the two of us can. One of the areas of problem the last few years has been the ongoing cost of Heating and A/C. Our lake home is in a wonderful area where the summer time heat can be extreme. This simply always results in the Heating and A/C using a high amount of power in order to cool the house. The utility bill we experience in the summer time is simply dominated by the Heating and A/C cooling costs, and it’s unfathomable. So, the two of us decided to pay a bit more attention each day to how the two of us use the Heating and A/C. By doing so, our usual behavior changed and the two of us began cutting that utility bill down each month quite significantly. First the two of us went about attempting to keep all our Heating and A/C treated air inside the house. All of us quickly scoured the home to find any gap or crack that would allow the cool air to seep out. Then the two of us turned to mitigating the effects of direct sunshine heating inside the home. Solar cling went up on all of the windows receiving tons of direct sunshine during peak heating hours. All of us also hung heavy drapes as well. Our greatest difference was made by adjusting the temperature control setting each day. All of us l received to do live with a higher Heating and A/C setting in the summer. It truly wasn’t even that tough.

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