It wasn’t too long ago when we experienced a pretty severe thunderstorm.

The kids were so afraid of the thunder, they all came running into our bedroom to try to get some sleep. Eventually the power was knocked out. Along with the power went the HVAC system of course so the air quality got really bad. There was a lot of rain and I was concerned that our basement was going to flood without being able to use our sump pump. Eventually the rain subsided though, thankfully. The sad thing is, we didn’t have power for the entire following day. It was difficult trying to do anything in our home without any power so we decided to go out to the movie theatre and we went to dinner afterwards. It was nice to enjoy the powerful A/C at the movie theatre and the restaurant we went to was really nice as well with great air quality. We were hoping that by the time we got back to our home, the power would be back on. Sure enough when we got back, everything was working just fine which was great. I don’t know why it took so long for them to get the power back on, but it was so nice that it was back because we could use our air conditioning system again. The air quality was good again and I was thinking about ways to avoid this situation in the future. I ended up getting a nice backup generator. I figured with this thing, we could run the HVAC and the sump pump if the power failed again.

Ductless heat pump