I paid for my supplies and I was on my way home

I went to the paint store the other day to buy some painting supplies to repaint my entire house. The home owners people in the neighborhood were asking everyone to paint their homes as they were all old. A lot of people were hiring professional painters…but not me! I can paint all by myself! I learned how to do professional painting jobs when I was a teenager. I had a part time job doing this for a local painter. Anyway, when I walked into the paint store, I noticed it was really warm in there. This felt good because it was really cold outside. I could not help but notice that the really warm heat was coming from below, not from air vents from a central heating system. It was then I noticed that this paint store had radiant heated floors! This was not something I would have expected in a small little paint supply shop like this. When I went to pay for my supplies at the counter, I mentioned to the person at the register that I noticed the heated floors. They told me that the paint shop owner had invested a lot of money into the heating and cooling of the place, because he is there almost all the time on the weekdays. And, that radiant heated floors would be a good way to heat the store so everyone would feel nice, and he would save on the energy bills. This all made perfect sense to me. I paid for my supplies and I was on my way home. It did make me think about looking into radiant heated floors for my own house.


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