I have always lived by certain rules.

I live to make sure everybody in my home is taken care of with everything they need.

This means that everybody is always there for all the meals of the day, everybody has what they need for school, and the house is cleaned regularly and the HVAC system is always kept maintained. As long as I always follow these rules, nothing can really go wrong in my home. Everybody is always happy because we have exceptional air quality. I have an HVAC system maintenance plan, I use high quality air filters, and I have the ductwork cleaned out at least once per year. With the HVAC maintenance plan I get my HVAC system tune-ups when needed and we always know that there will never be any issues with the heating and cooling system when we need it the most. We also have HVAC zone control which helps a lot because everybody in the house can customize their temperature control settings in their rooms. It’s also great that we don’t have to heat and cool the entire household. The areas that are unoccupied don’t receive any heating or cooling and we are able to save money on energy bills because of this. Everybody is always very comfortable and I think this allows them to get excellent grades in school. I just hope that when my children become adults, they are able to remember the rules and to live good lives because of those same rules. You really can’t go wrong when you have the right set of rules that you abide by.


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