I love going camping, especially in the summertime when the weather is really heating up.

But one thing about me is that even though I love being in the great outdoors during the daytime, I also love having a nice, cool room with A/C to sleep in at night. I actually have trouble sleeping any time there isn’t A/C available. In the camper that we have, we have a really nice heating and air conditioning system that runs on either a generator or propane. Usually the A/C is plenty cool enough for us to stay comfortable during the summer. Since we usually only turn the A/C on at night so we can sleep well while we’re camping, we don’t use it very much. It hardly ever runs during the day since we are usually outside fishing or biking or hiking during a camping trip. But at the end of a long day, I always like to come back inside to the nice, cooling air of the air conditioner inside the camper. We were planning to go up to the lake this weekend, but then I read that the temperature is supposed to be in the high nineties on Saturday and Sunday. I was okay with that since I knew that we would have the air conditioning in the camper for the nights that we would be there. However, when I went inside the camper to check everything over for the weekend, I noticed that the A/C wasn’t working at all. Unfortunately, I decided to go ahead and cancel the camping trip because I knew I would have a terrible time trying to sleep without any air conditioning for the weekend.


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