It was A few years ago on Thanksgiving, we had a really cold one.

It was actually snowing outside, and the temperatures were almost below zero, but not quite. We had our central heating system cranked probably the highest it ever has been on a Thanksgiving. The only thing was that even with the central heating cranked, it was still extremely cold in the house. There was nothing wrong with the central heating system, because we had just had a tune up and check up. So, we knew it was just the fact that it was too cold out! What we did was pull a few space heaters out of the closet and plug them in. We directed the space heaters at the table where we were eating so we would be a lot warmer during the Thanksgiving dinner. Every last one of us there agreed that the space heaters made it all nice and warm in the house. After dinner was done, we all relocated to the living room, and it was pretty cold out there! Even with the air vents from the central heating system being large, and pointed directly in the middle of the room. So, we brought the space heaters out there to the living room to warm things up, and it worked out really well, just like the dining room! I am so happy I bought these space heaters the other year for emergencies. Because they really did us well on that special and freezing Thanksgiving day and night!


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