Have you ever just had a single of those really poor weeks where everything and anything can go wrong? Well, I did! I had a single of those weeks just a few weeks ago! First, my car broke down, and I ended up having to take public transferation to toil for the week.

This was a real hassle because public transferation is never on time, and, as a result, I happened to have been late for toil quite a few afternoons that week! I was fortunate that I worked there for quite a while, and the boss understood my problem… Otherwise, I would have been fired! The next thing that happened was my TV broke, and I had to go out and buy a new a single.

That was an expense I did not really need or want. But, because I do watch a lot of TV, it was needed. I do not have a strong enough internet connection to be able to stream TV. Then, the final and worst thing that happened was my central heating and a/c plan broke down! And to top it off, I could not even get a certified heating and a/c specialist out to my apartment to fix the central heating and cooling plan unit! It was really crazy! The local heating and cooling contractor told myself and others they were all booked up! I wanted to cry! Finally, after having to stay with a neighbor while waiting for the central heating and a/c plan to be fixed, I was able to come back home. I was just so blissful that month was over!


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